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E-Book Popularity is Growing by the Day

  • Books have gone through a rapid transition from placing a mail order using a catalog, to ordering Online, to now having the book being an instant download to your computer for reading on the screen or printed out on your home printer.  One of the hottest topics in the library and book world today is e-books.  Hard cover books and the newer e-books both have a place in our lives.

    An e-book is the same as a hard copy book, only you read it on your computer screen, or you can print it, and then just read it as normal hard copy.  Our younger kids like to read inexpensive e-book stories on the computer screen.  We prefer our reading on hard copy printouts.  We make printed copies of all our e-books, and we keep all our e-books on CD too.

    In most cases, an e-book quickly downloads to your computer in the popular Adobe Portable Document Format, or PDF.  The Adobe Reader, if not already installed on your computer, is a free download.

    Stephen King brought e-books to the attention of the world by distributing his novel, Riding the Bullet, exclusively in e-book form.  In the first 24 hours of availability, 400,000 copies were downloaded - more than any other book in any format!  A quick scan of any of the e-Library sites will leave you in awe.  From old classics like Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, to favorites like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, right up to the most recently written novels, romance, how-to, and scientific books.  The list of categories will leave you breathless.

    If your eyesight is not what it used to be, here is an area where e-books really shine.  You can quickly change the type size, screen brightness, or e-books can even be used with text-to-speech software.

    Some other attractive features come to mind:
    -You can buy an e-book without leaving home, from your personal computer.
    - Instant download after buying, to read, save on your hard disk, or print. 
    - Text can be searched.
    - Takes up little space.
    - Low cost.
    - Does not wear over time.

    The average reader might simply want to read books, and the Adobe format mentioned above is quite adequate for most readers using a standard desktop or notebook computer.  For the more advanced e-book reader, there is a myriad of e-book formats, some using dedicated handheld reading devices.  Their features include, portability, replicating page turning, integrating multimedia contents such as video, audio, animation and images, and even more.  For some readers, the advancing reader technology is as exciting as the e-book's contents.

    If the e-book evolution has passed you by, now is the time to catch up.  There has never been a better time, with so many free and paid e-books available from so many sources.  If you are a reader, you are only a click away from obtaining that special book you have been looking for. If you are a writer, you are only a click away from producing an e-book.  An exciting e-book experience is in store for you.
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    Downloading Computer Software and eBooks Off the Internet

    If there is one thing that people like it is something that is available to them for free. This especially goes for computer software. Various places offer free software programs for people on a trial period or shareware versions of products that are free. These can range from business products to games. There are many places that you can visit and start downloading computer software off the Internet.

    CNet’s Download.com is one of the world’s top places to go for downloading computer software off the Internet. They have different types of software on this site. These programs include developer tools, web browsers, spyware and virus protection programs and drivers for hardware programs. Some fun software, like screensavers or games, can be found on Download.com too.

    One of the best things about Download.com is that of the variety of software it has for downloading. This includes freeware and shareware as well as products that are active for only a certain amount of time. Reviews of products from CNet writers and users are also available so that it can be easier to find the right download. This is considered to be a top rated site on the Internet. You can also add your products to the website if you have something to offer people.

    ZDNet also has one of the top locations for downloading computer software off the Internet. This site is located at downloads.zdnet.com. Windows and Macintosh programs are available along with software development software for security, optimization and debugging. Shareware and trial software are the most common programs that can be found here. Mobile phone programs are available for download too.

    Another place for downloading computer software off the Internet is Computer Hope. Located at computerhope.com, this site features information on how to use computer programs and on how to make computing easier for anyone. Various programs are available for downloading on the site, including program drivers and assorted freeware programs. The products that they offer are intended to help make your computing experience easier.

    GoLoads, which is at goloads.com, is another of the places for downloading computer software off the Internet. Many of the programs that are available here are multimedia programs. These programs include audio editing software, media conversion software and video editing programs. While many of the programs featured here for download are entertainment programs, there are some other great options to look into as well. This includes email tools and office programs.

    Many different formats are supported on GoLoads. Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems have programs available for download on the site. Pocket PC files are also available. This is indeed one of the best sites to visit for anyone because of the amount of software for different operating systems.

    For those who enjoy computer games FilePlanet is a great place to visit online. Located at fileplanet.com, this site features many different files for games. These include demos of games that can be tried before buying a game and upgrades for games. Additional files, including new multiplayer maps for online action games, roster updates for sports game and other fun additional files are also featured on this site. Reviews of these files are available also.

    Another great place to consider for downloading computer software off the Internet is PC TechBytes. Available at pctechbytes.com/downloads, this site features utilities that are available for use on a computer. Most of the programs here are trial editions of programs. Computer benchmark software is available along with programs for networking, firewalls and backup services. As you will see, these programs are all used for the intention of protecting and supporting a computer.

    These are all great sites to visit for downloading computer software off the Internet. Some sites will have a variety of software and reviews that are helpful, while others will carry only productivity or gaming files. No matter what you are looking for, there are some great sites to look into for downloading software for the computer.
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    Download Audio Books and Enjoy Your Favorite Books without Reading

    With today's online technology, there is a new way of reading books that's both convenient and affordable for the busy bookworm. Now you can download audio books and listen to your favorite book on your computer or on CD whenever and wherever you want. You can listen to someone else read while you do other activities and enjoy the story.

    Audio Books Explained

    Audio books are often called "the spoken word" because someone is reading a book for you. Many fictional audiobooks are narrated by famous actors or people with intriguing voices to bring the characters of the book to life. So, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks about romance, comedy, suspense, or even horror stories with a sense of "being there" and living out the story!"

    What does it mean to "Download Audio Books"?

    If you've been online any length of time, you've probably downloaded software for your computer such as an anti-virus program, a photo-editing program or maybe even an e-book. Audio books are downloadable in the same way. They are created with software that converts them into sound files that can be heard over a computer speaker or burned to a CD. It's like listening to your favorite music online, except it's a book being read to you!

    To download audio books, you will visit an audiobook Web store, make your selection, and pay for your audio book. Then, you can download it according to the provided instructions. It's a simple process that only takes a few moments.

    Audio Book Selections

    At an audio book store, you can usually find hundreds (or even thousands) of downloadable audio books. In the fiction category, there are suspense, romance, horror, thriller, historical, comedy, war, classics and many other types of audio books so you can easily find entertaining books. If you're interested in self-help audiobooks, there are audio books about hobbies, exercise and diet, good health and beauty, sports, and travel.

    Other audio book selections include religion, history, arts and drama, business and marketing, and TV and film.

    How and Where to Use Audio Books

    When you download audio books, you can listen to the "spoken word" right from your own personal computer or you can save (or burn) the audio book file to a CD. The CD can be played anywhere. The benefit of copying to a CD is you can listen to it in your car while traveling to work or taking a vacation. You can even download audio books for the kids to listen to on long trips. What a lifesaver!

    Another benefit is you can listen to the audio book on CD while cleaning your home, exercising, or doing outdoor tasks. If you have a busy schedule that doesn't allow much time for reading, audio books can make a great substitute.

    To enjoy page after page of entertainment, download audio books online and build your listening library today!

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    Discover 32 Golden Buying Tips that could lead you into better decision making

    "Discover 32 Golden Buying Tips that could lead you into better decision making”

    “Here's a quick and easy way to learn all Buying Tips That Will Saves You Cash”


    When friends asked me why not you write the ways of how to shop online safely, I asked him, “Why me?”

    He said, a lot of people having problem on shopping online without worrying about anything. Why not you write some buying tips and by adding in some advice. It will help them a lot he replies.

    We had met but a few times and I was able to think readily of many who had more aptitude regarding the subject other than myself.

    It is true that I have spent many years using the online shopping tool to buy my software and stuff and I do had this weird feeling “not save, and better be careful”. During this time it has been my job to relate the desires and instincts of many to the where, how, and when to apply this tips. Still, I thought, am I justified in writing a forward to a book dedicated solely to the buying tips?

    Then friend answered my question. And with his answer he made me understand instantly the yes of my own ways of understanding the needs. He said, “Kanicen, you’ve worked with this online stuff for quite sometimes. You should know all those tips, tricks, and you will be able to open the save door for the rest of us. And that’s what this book is truly about, not just building my network, but being free to create without thinking on what to give others.”

    I was inspired with my friend’s idea on how to guide all of those online shoppers outside there to consider few things before making buying decision. So what I did here is by using all the experience I have to reduce the disparity between affordable and high cost E-book. This is something I think all the shoppers would have deeply appreciated.

    How does all this apply to the online shopping?

    Well I guess you’ll find out soon here. ?

    This book not only says you can shop safely…it shows you how.

    Dear Friends,

    There could be millions of reason when you plan to buy the right software for your self or your organization. There could be thousands of software available in the market; namely, computer software, network software, antivirus, spyware, training software, web site design and I can drag a lot more.

    So what do you need to consider here?

    Buying software online can be tricky, especially if you are new to shopping via the internet. Whether you are upgrading an existing software package or looking for a specific program to buy and install, the process will be a lot less complicated if you know what to look for.

    So ask yourself, how do you that software right for you and what do you need actually?

    “6 Best Tips On When Considering Buying”

    Buying Consider 01: Based On Price?

    Unfortunately, there is no correlation between price and quality of software. Expensive software may or may not have features found or not found in less expensive software. Decide how much you can afford, and then evaluate the software you can afford on its own merits. Don't buy software because of its purchase price. Look at what it will do for you and the long term costs.

    Buying Consider 02: Based On Evaluation?

    Be sure to try a demo of the software before you purchase it. Only you know if you can run the software and if it'll do all you want. Beware of slide show demos that don't let you run the program. Don't let claims and fancy brochures sway you. Insist on working demos so you can evaluate the software. While you may be able to learn the software, you don't want to spend days teaching new employees. Look for ease of use. Software is a tool to make life easier and more productive. You're not purchasing software to waste your time.

    Buying Consider 03: Based On Unseen?
    Demo programs are the actual program with obvious limitations built in. Unlike slide show demos where you cannot interact with the program, demos allow you to see exactly how the program works and how it works on your printer. You should never have to purchase software unseen. Only you know if you can run the software or if it will do what you want. Software is a tool to make life easier and more productive. Don't buy sight unseen.
    Buying Consider 04: Based On Seller’s Been In The Market?

    Software suppliers come and go like flies. While you can't be sure the supplier will be around 10 years from now when you need him, the longer he's been in business, the better the odds.

    Buying Consider 05: Based On Fine Print?

    Look for catches like: versions, maintenance fees, tech support charges, upgrade options, forms costs, networking charges, etc. Read the warrantee.

    Be sure your computer and printer are compatible. Ask questions! Be sure you know what you are buying.

    Network Computer Training offers only the latest version of software. There are no maintenance fees. Upgrades and fixes are free on the internet. The latest upgrade features can be found on the internet at any time and at the suppliers of the software itself. We always recommend the best sources for you to buy the products that you’re looking. www.networkcomputertraining.com

    We have never charged for or limited tech support. You can reach us by email any day including most evenings, weekends and holidays. We will be there for you to assist.

    Buying Consider 06: Based On Guarantee?

    Ask for names and telephone numbers of some customers who got their money returned. See how easy it was to get the refund. Evaluate the software before you part with your hard earned cash. Do not buy software you haven't tried just because of a money back guarantee.

    We offer free working demos so you can evaluate our software before purchase. Because software can be copied, all sales are final. We do not inflate our prices to cover the cost of software theft.

    The most important is where to find all these information to clarify your doubts?

    The answer is….

    “Here 14 tips that could lead you into better decision making”

    Buying Tip # 1: The first things you should do are by reading customer reviews. Many popular online stores, such as Amazon, allow users to leave their comments about a particular product. Reading other customer reviews may help to make your decision easier because it gives you an idea of others who have experienced the product firsthand.

    Buying Tip # 2: When considering any type of software, make sure that it is compatible with your computer. Most software requires a specific processor type, such as Pentium or Celeron, and a certain amount of free hard drive space. The reason is because, in order for software to function properly at quickly, the computer must be able to handle the application. By being familiar with your computer’s configuration, you will be able to select the right software.

    Buying Tip # 3: Before making any purchasing any type of software, you should consider and make sure that it is exactly what you want or will enjoy learning. Try to become familiar with the software by reading its description and capabilities. Nowadays, most software comes with trail version of it and plus they comes with full capabilities and features for you to try. Why not making use of the offer? At least it will allow you to make better decision for the right software and makes sure you will purchase the software that suits you.

    Buying Tip # 4: Provide after-sales service. This will ensure customer service whenever require, reliability, quality products and timely shipment. By purchasing software from a reliable source, you will also ensure that the title is authentic and not an illegal copy.

    Buying Tip # 5: Competition plays a major role in software shopping. That’s the best part of shopping for software online. Because there are so many retailers, prices are more competitive than if only one store had the software that you want. Shop around and compare prices before making a final decision.

    Buying Tip # 6: When making a purchase online, consider using a credit card. Most credit card companies provide a dispute resolution process, which is beneficial if the product is not delivered, is not as advertised or is damaged and the company will not stand behind the transaction.

    Buying Tip # 7: If purchasing from another individual, such as often the case with online auctions, confirm that the software has all manuals and/or product keys to ensure proper installation.

    Buying Tip # 8: Learn about the company’s return, refund and/or exchange policy. In many cases, especially with software, the company may refuse to accept the product back for a refund. However, there is always the possibility that a program is damaged or doesn’t function properly, in which case the store should honor the purchase with an exchange for the same title. When buying software online, it’s best to purchase from a store that is reasonable when it comes to exchanges if not refunds.

    Buying Tip # 9: When purchasing software online, take a moment to look at the company’s shipping costs, methods and availability of a way to track the package following shipment. Today’s trends you will be able to get digitally which much faster and a lot easier to download immediately once the payment made.

    Buying Tip # 10: There are common payment methods include credit cards, paypal, checks and/or money orders. If you want to purchase software online, you will need to do so from a company that accepts a convenient payment method. If you do not have a credit card, most companies will accept a mailed payment. Most companies, however, recommend not sending cash.

    Tips for Safe Internet Shopping…..

    Buying Tip # 11: Spam Emails: Be on the look out for SPAM emails offering prices that are too good to be true. There is a high risk that these software titles are unauthorized or pirated.

    Buying Tip # 12: Wire Transfer: Be cautious about offers requesting the wiring of money to foreign banking institutions.

    Buying Tip # 13: Shipping: Be wary of software shipping from overseas.

    Buying Tip # 14: Viruses and Worms: Be careful of pirated software that may contain hidden viruses, and worms that a hacker could use to take control of your computer or steal your personal information.

    You can get more buying tips and other resources at my site. Drop by and have a look :)

    To Your Success,

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    Decorating Books - Cookie decorating book

    Decoration Books is one of the best guides that help you to decorate your favorite places and things. In simple words with the help of decorating book you can decorate your house, garden, office, cakes, cookies, etc. It has the best collection in most of the topics that a decorator seeks for. With decorating book you can make a well-decorated output. It doesn't matters whether you are a good decorator or not but with an appropriate decorating book you can decorate easily and quickly.

    There are number of decorating books in the market which are designed specifically. For instance there are decorating books for beginners, decorating books for professionals, decorating tips books and so on. Decorating books are available for different stuffs like there is a cake decorating book, garden decorating book, Interior decorating book, office decorating book and so on. One of such types of decorating book is a cookie decorating book.

    Today there are different types of cookie decorating book that can help you prepare delicious and yummy cookies. These books provide you with not only mouth watering recipes but also different ways of decorating your cookie.

    Cookie decorating Book

    Everyone likes to eat cookie especially children who may love to eat every day. Don't you want to give tasty and decorated cookies to them or have it yourself? This book gives a different look to your cookies that attracts the attention of your guest. Moreover the tips provided in this book are simple and easy to understand.

    Cook decorating book provides you essential tips and guidelines that can help you in decorating cookies. With the help of this book you can give an attractive look to your cookies. Purchase cookie decorating book to decorate cookies for Christmas celebration, birthday party or a picnic trip.

    Cookie Decorating Book: Features
    The main feature of this book is that it contains some of the best tips to decorate your cookies. Even though it acts as cookie decorator it is available at a very reasonable and affordable price. It contains step by step instructions and attractive pictures so as to render special guidance. It contains easy and simple project work for its user.

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    Choose Your Mentor Step One of How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook

    How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook (1)
    Ten Steps Guide for Newbies

    Step One: Choose Your Mentor

    You should be able to find several indispensable facts about mentor in the following paragraphs. If there's at least one fact you didn't know before, imagine the difference it might make.

    The first choice a newbie has to make is to choose a mentor. Why is that so important? If you want to do something you never made before, it is very logical to follow somebody’s steps in order to complete your project successfully. In this case, the first important step, I suggest to be done, is look around for a mentor. Somebody, who completed his first e-book successfully and sold it successfully.

    Today it is very easy to search for everything. Just google it. You can type "writing ebook" and watch for the results. Most of the websites you’ll get on your screen will give you an option to subscribe for a free e-course.

    Subscribe for 3-4 of them and compile the information. You’ll find a lot of free e-books on the subject, too. Read the e-mails and the e-books and make a choice, who do you want to follow.

    There should be at least one mentor, you are going to like and respect. That could be something in his style, strong logic or profound knowledge. Whatever that is, you just follow your inner voice and make the choice.

    Once you make your choice, follow your mentor. Study his/her system completely. Buy his or her product and follow it, step by step. This is not an easy path, especially in the beginning.

    Sometimes the most important aspects are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

    By choosing one mentor and stick to him/her, you are solving one of the most serious problem today – information overwhelming. Most of the newbies are completely shocked from the amount of the information available on every topic they choose and that lead to so called paralysis. So, be tough and make your decision as soon as possible, in order to overcome that sickness quickly.

    You may find later on, as your progress on your business, many other mentors, and they might be much better than your first one, but that doesn’t matter for the moment. Your first ebook has to be finished and you need to follow advices, coming from one respected source and that's it.

    Otherwise you’ll find that you are constantly looking for new info and days are going without the single real work done. Give your self enough time for the research on mentor and put a deadline for making your choice.

    That shouldn’t take you more than 7-10 days.

    Concentrate on the task. Apply diligent efforts to study available information on writing and publishing ebook and then make a decision and stick to it until the end of the project.

    Here is the place to reveal who my mentor is. I choose to follow the advices of Brian Campbell. He is self-made millionaire, who built his empire from scratch. He offers a complete Internet Profit Mentor Program for newbies, absolutely free. In this program he teaches stuff for which the other gurus are charging hundreds and thousand of dollars.

    There is a wonderful forum, where you can find professional answer on many of your questions, too.

    Look for the next Step Two: Why an Ebook?

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    Change Voice To Earn Cash With E-Learning

    Sticking my eyes to the desktop eight hours per day has been thickening my glasses year by year. My flat-mate, who is working for an E-commerce company, is also in the same situation but his currently overjoyed laugh and cheerful voice in front of the PC usually awake me at midnight when I am still in the mist of my dreams. Surprisingly because he is not an “easy to hit it off” type among my pals and hard to believe a young guy with the motto “24 hours are not enough for a day” can be addicted to online game or chit-chat. So what has oddly been happening to him really inspired me to find out the reasons.

    Going beyond all my expectations, it turned out that he has been using Paltalk, a pretty popular online chat tool, to find some friends in Asia to have an overview of this emergent mecca before his adventurous trip to Japan, Korea and South East Asian region. All of that information seemed not transparent enough for a doubtful mind, I decided to install this chat tool and explore by myself.

    Visiting some forums of languages learning was an eye-opener for me when I noticed that many people use Paltalk, Skype, Yahoo messenger or AOL not only for fun but also for teaching and learning. An English speaking room in Paltalk impressed me much as the admin, a retired Australian teacher, volunteered to teach English for some 10 people who are mostly from Asian countries. When typing is as old as hills, talking over a microphone in this kind of voice conference can help those “students” listen and imitate the native accent. This teacher asked everybody to browse a website, read an article, pick up the microphone and raise hand to share ideas in the conference. I also joined another one as the topic was about movies – my favorite. When I was still wavering about going to see “The memoirs of a Geisha” because I had never had a profound interest in any Asian movie without Jackie Chan, one Japanese woman helped me summarize its content from the Japanese original book. From her talk, many splendid types of kimono and the ups and downs in geishas’ life really encouraged me to spend one night at the cinema and helped me know that Zhang Zi Yi, Wanatabe Ken, Gong Li, etc. are also brilliant stars. We exchanged countless thank you’s as I had a lesson about Japanese culture and she could practice to brush up her English. I am not totally into the definition of E-learning and its advantages because you can search a huge mountain of information about this aspect on the Internet. However, what I have told you is also called E-learning, isn’t it? My eyes would be a little tired but that is worthwhile because I have received many useful lessons.

    Oops, probably you are complaining of my verbosity and the irrelevance to the title of this writing. Anyway, making money is not like a knife through butter.

    I read some very interesting news yesterday that a ninth-grade Indian teaches Mathematics for a younger one in the U.S. This talented tutor can earn 10 bucks for every hour, which sounds very impressive. Here, long distance does not matter when they can send word files by email or Instant messenger and do exercises by talking in a voice chat conference. The interesting thing is this Indian has to use a voice changer software to enhance his voice quality as you know, Indian accent and dialect are not so easy for everyone in the world to understand. That is what we usually say “necessity is the mother of invention” and earning cash is not something out of reach.

    Definitely I will tell my flat-mate about those. A cool idea of making money would pop into his mind, legally, why not?
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    Business Expansion with Ebooks

    Businesses of all sizes are expanding with ebooks. An ebook is a paperless book in digital format that you can download to your computer, handheld or other reader device. It can be read by using a software program like Adobe (for .pdf formats) or Microsoft Word.

    Here are several ways to expand your own business operations with ebooks.

    Marketing – An ebook offers an inexpensive means of producing full-color marketing materials complete with graphics and audio components. Find good software or hire someone to help create your ebooks. Grab a digital camera and start snapping shots of your products, people using your products and services, your workers, etc. Then show off your shots, your products and describe your services with awesome power-packed presentations; web pages with interactive links for sound, visual presentations, communications (emails or forum posts) and more.

    Education – When your products or services need explained, educate your prospects and clients with ebooks. Have sample or short versions available for trial offers or free downloads. Then include full-fledged detailed editions with product / service purchases. Educate with visual, sound and interactive point-and-click methods. Invite questions and feedback from recipients for improvements on future product and service development.

    Communications – How many times do you get an email you with a question - the same question over and over gain it seems – that requires a book-length answer? Maybe questions like, “How do you create a basic website?” or “How can you market on a tight budget?” inspire lengthy replies. Well, now you can write one long reply, turn it into an ebook and send it out – over and over again and free up more time for other things. AND include your own marketing information inside so that readers can look you up on the Internet, pass your information along and give others the opportunity to find you, too.

    New Product – Use surveys and take polls for new product creation. Include a link to a web page with a questionnaire and free download for recipients upon completion.

    Sales Reps – Arm your sales representatives with professional, top-notch full-color media / product / service information kits presented via your ebooks to share with local newspaper, radio, television and other media reps, visitors and potential clients at trade shows and other events. Set up an introductory page in your ebook, then an index where people can click and quickly find your History, Mission Statement, product and service descriptions and images, Contact information, Testimonials, etc. Then copy the ebooks to disks and CDs to distribute at events. This gives people the opportunity to learn much more about you when they have more time afterwards.

    So grab your cyber-pencil or keypad and start writing! Ebooks can definitely enlarge your operations.
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    Business books have come a long way - but are they worth the read?

    Business books are today’s fastest-growing categories in the professional/trade publishing industry. Business books are a great asset to a person interested in starting his or her first small business and in recent years they have fast turned from heavy theoretical textbooks to a far more readable story format. In a recent interview with renowned business columnist Dave Borgner, Jack Yale asked him why it had taken so long for business books to catch on with most people. He answered in part by saying that in the past, between 45 percent and 62 percent of all business books were harder to read than other kinds of books because 68 percent of them used more complex words than we did. David Williamson, CEO of Mark Hallet Financial Services Inc. and the author of the top selling news letter "Brands That Sell", thinks most business books are too theoretical. The interesting business books are the ones that not only get the facts right but also tell a story in an interesting and appealing manner.

    But today, business books are far more approachable than in years past – they tend to be more readable, more useful and may actually help to encourage more people to read this genre. As the business book category has matured, Barnes and Noble insiders report that business books are among the company’s top five categories. Over 5000 new business books are published each year in the United States alone, and we are beginning to see some titles encroaching onto the New York Times Bestseller list. But beyond those red-hot numbers is what some publishing executives call a vast ''gray area'' in the way business books are sold, tracked and ranked. Something like 93% of all business books are never read (most readers get thru one chapter and then give up). I think that one of the problems is that a lot of business books are just too general and don't explain to a reader how to actually implement their ideas, or sometimes even the authors don't know how to implement their ideas. On the one hand, business books are necessarily about generalizations – on the other hand your company is necessarily all about specifics – so herein lies a dilemma.

    The business books are valuable sources of information as well as information on the strategies taken up by a particular company or updated information on the present funding trend, interviews with leading business personalities and suggestions on the ways of capitalization in a business. It can be hard to know which new business books are the most beneficial, and impossible to find the time to read all of them.

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    Boosting the Sales of Your Internet Marketing eBook or Any eBook

    When you put your all into learning something that you need to know, you can bet that other people can benefit from what you have learned. Internet marketing is one of those topics that lots of people need help with. So once you've gained knowledge and experience writing and selling an internet marketing ebook might be a good opportunity for you.

    In order to make money in ebook publishing, you have to have a product that people want. How-to books that fill a need are undoubtedly best-selling ebooks. An internet marketing ebook falls into that category.

    There is nothing worse than an internet marketing ebook or how-to ebook that is filled with junk. Thus, in order for your internet marketing ebook to be a best seller, it has to offer useful information. If it doesn't, you'll get return requests and charge-backs left and right. Besides, if you don't have quality content in your internet marketing ebook, you can't comfortably offer a money back guarantee which is actually a vital aspect of marketing ebooks for profit.

    Every ebook, especially an internet marketing ebook, needs to have a clear purpose before you begin to write it. Decide who your target audience will be - who will buy your book? Selecting a niche market to sell your internet marketing ebook to is half the battle. When you narrow your market rather than trying to satisfy the masses, you will have a much higher quality product and less competition. The trick to producing a best seller is to provide a solution to an existing problem that isn't effectively solved by numerous competitors.

    Add value to your internet marketing ebook by offering freebies as bonuses for buying the ebook right away. A customer's perceived value is very important. Examples of bonuses might include things like a report on how to set up an affiliate program for an ebook, how to manage a pay-per-click campaign, or how to write results-oriented sales copy for an internet marketing website.

    Realize that if your internet marketing ebook is going to make money, you've got to apply the internet marketing principles that will get your ebook noticed, walk the prospect through the sales process and close the sale. The first principle is driving traffic to your website. Whatever internet marketing techniques you use to accomplish that, targeted traffic is vital. Once you have visitors at your website the sales process kicks in.

    Long-copy sales letters are undoubtedly best for selling an internet marketing ebook or any other ebook for that matter. Short copy just doesn't cut it. You see, when you are selling information products online, like an internet marketing ebook, you don't have the advantage of a face-to-face sales opportunity. Your web copy has to accomplish the sales for you.

    To close the sale, the copy must convey a unique selling proposition - one or more things that stand out apart from your competition. It has to be attractive and compelling to your well-defined target market with headlines and subheads that grab attention by stating the product's benefit or solution, or invoking curiosity. Your pricing strategy and relative bonuses must give readers a high perceived value so they feel they are getting an internet marketing ebook and additional information or products that are worth what they are paying.

    The sales copy also has to build credibility either by stating the author's credentials, using testimonials, or both. The reader's objections also have to be countered by the sales copy. This can be accomplished by addressing them directly and by offering a money back guarantee.

    A long-copy sales letter for selling an internet marketing ebook or another "how to" ebook that creates a sense of urgency can result in immediate sales. People have a tendency to be impulse shoppers so creating urgency by offering a "limited time" price or bonuses or making the product available only for a limited time will prompt the close of the sale.

    Another factor to consider when writing sales copy for your internet marketing ebook is, buyers want to know they can contact you. When you provide valid, easy-to-find contact information your credibility increases tremendously and as a result so will your sales for your internet marketing ebook or any ebook you choose to publish.

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